massage therapy supports you through all stages of motherhood

Good for baby, great for mama.

Life can be stressful, and the body stores that stress.  Repetitive movements associated with work, sports, or hobbies can create well-worn knots and aches.

Now add pregnancy, postpartum, or breastfeeding into the picture. 

prenatal back massage

prenatal care

Physical changes of pregnancy, including added weight in your hips and feet can tip your weight forward, straining your shoulders, back, and legs as they compensate.  You are tired, your feet sometimes swell.  Hormones create mood swings.  A new baby brings excitement and a host of feelings about your readiness for this upcoming change.

Massage can help keep you more balanced mentally, emotionally, and physically and build peace and ease within you to help buffer your fortitude to take on the challenges of birth and motherhood.

Prenatal care massage

is massage safe for me if I am pregnant?

Massage is safe during pregnancy and research has shown that women who get regular massage during pregnancy have less stress, are calmer during labor, and their babies are less likely to be premature.

Short duration, light massage is recommended during the first trimester as this is the time when your body is starting to adjust to the changes of being pregnant and your baby is just beginning to develop.

Second and third trimester your baby is better established, and your body begins to feel weight gain and postural changes, meaning you are more likely to want a massage. Prenatal massage is delivered with you and your baby in mind. Cushions are placed to keep you comfortable and pressure is applied selectively to relax you and to protect you and baby from adverse effects.

I have received training in prenatal massage and regularly read information and take classes to update my knowledge. I would be happy to talk to you before scheduling a massage if you have any concerns.

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postpartum care

Now that you have delivered, your body can take up to a full year to feel “normal”. Massage helps to modulate mood and hormone balance, and helps your body to rest while you adjust to baby’s schedule and changes in your sleep patterns.  Massage also helps to relieve aches to your hips, neck, and shoulders from carrying baby and from breastfeeding.

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massage helps to relieve your physical symptoms, and allows you the space to tune out the noise, and to tune into yourself and your baby.